Are Cash Rebates Legal in Nevada?

Yes. Commission Cash rebates are legal in Nevada when consent is provided by the client's (principals) we serve and rebates are disclosed properly. Commission rebates are an important competitive tool, that are beneficial to consumers. Open and free business competition, in general, is the basis for the American economy and is protected by both state and federal anti-trust and consumer protection laws. Consumers would be well advised to visit the DOJ's website to understand the many Federal law enforcement efforts taken to prevent or prosecute restraint of trade or commission price fixing within the real estate services industry. If you feel your right to competitive real estate services were impeded by anti-competitive industry practices, resulting in a loss or reduction in an agreed commission rebate, please leave a complaint with the DOJ. Consumers do have legal recourse against harmful anti-competitive business conspiracies within the real estate services sector that result in higher than negotiated consumer services costs. In the United States, including Texas, any business conspiracy that results in a restraint of free trade, consumer price fixing, and or works to impose a boycott on competitive businesses have been deemed illegal and subject to anti-trust laws.
Consumer resource information concerning competition in real estate services on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) website.

How can I calculate my rebate?

What is the Commission Rebate amount we offer you?

Our new home rebate is 1 ½% or 50% of my commission received from the Seller just about anywhere in Nevada and would be together with whatever exclusive promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free alternatives, improvements or any other incentives that the building contractor might be providing in the course of your purchase. The most interesting part is the fact that our services to assist you to buy a new home won’t cost you a penny!
Home Rebates are legal and permitted in Nevada by the Nevada Real Estate Commission including the Department of Justice – and can be utilized to take care of closing costs, pay for improvements, lot premiums, as well as to buy down the price of the home. We can as well cut you a check after closing with lender consent which you are allowed to use for whatever you desire!
Please call me at 702-278-8871 so I can pre-register you with the builder. Pre-registration should eliminate any requirements by the builder for me to accompany you on your first visit
Once you meet with the building contractor you just need to make them aware that you’re using the services of Enrique Moreno with Executive Realty Services, then provide them with my details which I provide to you. Please inform the home builder that you are receiving a new home rebate equal to 1 ½ % or 50% of my commission. We should begin working on implementing the rebate towards closing costs (the loan provider will certainly inform us just how much can be used towards closing costs, every single loan differs). Whatever sum is remaining we can utilize to buy down the cost of improvements, appliance packages, lot premiums or perhaps the price of the home.  It’s VITAL that we operate from the onset, together, to make certain that every single penny is utilized appropriately to your purchase. I am pleased to help out with these negotiations. 

Steps To Get Your Rebate?

Please click on the Learn More button under Start Saving for the instructions.

If I self represent, do I still get the same price and incentives from the builder?

By representing yourself, you would NOT get a discount on the price of the home and the home builder may not include any extra incentives. If you represent yourself the builders will pocket the realtor commission built into their marketing fund.
By using our commission rebate program, as your realtor you can share in the commission received from the new home builder. The realtor representing you does not cost you anything and you will not lose any incentives offered by the new home builder. The realtor’s commission is built into the marketing program and does not affect the current price or offered incentives of the new home. Part of my job is to make sure that you are receiving all the builder incentives at the time of purchase. Usually, a builder will announce in advance any price changes or changes in incentive programs in advance.

How Do I Receive My Commission Rebate?

Enrique Moreno with Executive Realty Services shares his commission with his clients in the form of a home rebate at close of escrow with Nevada Escrow and Title Company as a credit on the closing statement towards their buyer closing costs including points, options, HOA assessment credit etc. A credit at closing is just like cash since it directly reduces the amount of cash needed at close of escrow.

How Can I Search For New Home Developments?

Do I Need To Let My Lender And The Builder Know About The Rebate I Will Be Receiving?

ABSOLUTELY.  If you are financing your home purchase in Nevada you need to notify your mortgage lender about your home rebate. You should begin working with your mortgage lender as well as the new home builder to insure you will receive the entire home rebate towards closing costs, upgrades, appliance packages, lot premiums or a reduction in interest rates or price of the home.

Why do I have to sign a Buyer Broker's Agreement?

This document solidifies our buyer representation and is an essential part of getting paid a commission which results in a rebate to you.

Can I use this rebate program on a "Resale Home"?

The 1.5% rebate program is strictly for a new construction home.  We can offer this rebate because we can leverage our time with a new home construction transaction. 

Can I get a check or cash for the rebate at close of escrow?

Unfortunately no.  This practice is considered unethical in our industry.  We can only rebate the funds through escrow with a credit on the settlement statement.  You can use the credit towards closing costs, points, options, prepaid HOA dues or anything else that your lender will allow if you are financing the property.  This essentially means you bring less money to closing.  IMPORTANT:  Our rebate does not affect any concessions or incentives the builder may be offering.

Do you offer representation during the transaction?

Absolutely.   I offer full representation during from start to finish at no you at no cost.  I will be the agent of record and will be on standby to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have during the transaction.  You can reach out to me any time at 702-278-8871 for a phone consultation.

What experience do you have with New Home Sales?

I have been licensed in Las Vegas since December of 2000.  I have represented hundreds of clients in New Home purchases throughout my career.  My company has a good relationship with all the builders in the Las Vegas Area.  I understand the current market conditions,  I know what questions to ask, I understand the buying process in it entirety and most important I have my client's best interest at heart.  I have negotiated on many occasions extra benefits to my buyers.  You can read some recommendations and testimonials from previous clientele.


What's the catch?

Some other buyer rebate companies have restrictions on purchase price, total commission paid by the  home builder, amount of homes they will represent the buyer in and other “small print” details that can hurt the buyer.   I do not have any of those restrictions.  I will rebate 1.5% of the purchase price regardless PERIOD!  No complicated charts or conditions, you simply get 1.5% back at closing!

What I ask of you?

Think of this like a partnership where we are working together for the same end result... Getting you into you new home and putting some money back in your pocket.  It is important that you follow the instructions on the "Start Saving" page.  This will ensure that you the buyer will receive your rebate successfully we do not take up each other’s time unnecessarily.  I believe this is a fair request and only benefits everyone involved.  I take my buyer’s very seriously and commit a tremendous amount of time and energy to each and every one.  It is only fair that I ask my buyers to be cooperate as well.
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