All the major home builders have a policy of factoring a 3% real estate commission into the price of every new home. Builders will not give any concession, rebate, or allowance of any portion of that 3% to a buyer without an agent.
The result is the buyer ends up paying exactly the same for the home whether he has an agent or not, and the salespeople get the same commission, whether or not you have a real estate agent. So, it makes no difference to them.
If you buy a new home, you might as well have us as your agent and let us give you 1.5% of our 3% commission as a rebate!
When you arrive at a new home community, all you have to do is let the salesperson know that Enrique Moreno with Executive Realty Services is your representing agent and has pre-registered you.  We will provide you with paperwork to present to the builder's representative and will take the proper steps to make sure we register you prior to your visit the new home development.
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